Birthing and Babies Prenatal Classes

  A course to prepare you for childbirth and bringing baby home



Above: Pino, Joanne and Jason learning baby care basics in our September/07 weeknight classes

Birthing and Babies Prenatal Class Topics

  • Preparing for labour and birth in your third trimester
  • How does your baby come out? Understanding the labour process and how it progresses
  • How to know when your in labour, when to come to the hospital and what to bring with you
  • Labour pain management: relaxation, breathing, positions and other comfort measures
  • Pain Medications, cesarean births and other medical interventions
  • The Labour Coach's Role: How you can help your partner during labour and delivery

Proud Daddy Mark with our baby boy Evan in December/06


  •  Bringing Baby Home: Safety, Baby products, infant care (bathing, diapering etc...) signs of illness and when to call baby's doctor
  • Parenting and your new roles as Mom and Dad 
  • Postpartum: taking care of new mom and baby 
  • Feeding your baby (breast and bottle basics) And anything else you want to know!

 Baby Care Basics 101: Dorothy and Greg along with John and Lorrie practicing baby care from our September/07 weeknight classes